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Rum Nation Savanna Traditionnel #59 (62.8% abv)


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The “Small Batch Rare Rums” is a limited edition rum produced in Reunion at the Savanna distillery and bottled by Rum Nation. Distilled in 2004 from molasses using a Column Still, this rum was aged for 15 years and comes with a robust ABV of 62.8%. With only 402 bottles available, it offers a unique and exciting experience for rum enthusiasts. According to user reviews, the rum showcases a peppery, nail polish aroma with hints of vanilla and spice. When tasted, it reveals woody, barrel, and strong flavors, accompanied by rubber and herbal notes. The rum is greatly appreciated for its well-balanced nature, pleasant finish, and well-integrated alcohol. Overall, this Rum Nation selection is considered an exceptional rum that leaves a lasting impression.

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