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Artenom 1579 Blanco Tequila (40% abv)


Weight 2 kg

700 mL

A top quality tequila selected by independent bottlers ArteNOM. The master distiller behind 1579 is Felipe Camarena at the Destilería El Pandillo. Felipe crafts this tequila 6,788 feet above sea level in the town of Jesús María, the agave plants are grown in the highest altitude of any agave region for a more organic and richer flavour. The processes used are artisanal with the use of brick ovens to bake the agave after harvest, they are macerated intact with their fibers for a bolder, fuller flavour. Rain water is used for fermentation followed by distilling in small copper stills. Felipe aerates the spirit prior to bottling.

The nose: Spring rain, mint, pastry dough, agave, citrus, mint

The Palate: Fresh chili, white pepper, spearmint, minerals

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