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Yamazakura Fine Blended Whisky (40%abv)


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700 mL

Yamazakura takes its name from two Japanese symbols: “Yama” meaning “mountain”, and “Sakura” which refers to cherry trees, symbols of ephemeral beauty. This YAMAZAKURA PURE MALT WHISKY is aged in Sherry Cask with slightly peated malt, which is a collaboration between Sasanokawa Shuzo Distillery and Shin Group. Sasanokawa Shuzo was founded in 1765 and acquired a license to produce whisky in 1946. Since then, we have been producing it as the oldest whisky distillery in the Tohoku area. The product was finished mild and smooth in character with a strict selection of our unblended whisky. No added color and non-chill filtered.

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