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Lindes de Remelluri San Vicente wine (14%abv)


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The village of San Vicente de Sonsierra has a warmer aspect and richer ferrous red soils, with its vineyards out in the valley and open to the Mediterranean. Lindes de San Vicente is a notably more open and earthy wine, with foursquare tannins, nicely blocky compared to the slink of Labastida. Fermentation takes place in 5,000L old French vats, then 12 months’ maturation in old French barriques

Open and spicy, more volatile, earthy and really delicious. You can feel how open the valley is here, with warmer and redder soils open to the Mediterranean below San Vicente on its hilltop. Open, spicy, warm and earthy, really delicious countryside wine. The palate has a touch of chocolate in its distinct earthiness, expressed through a distinctly granular tannin profile.

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