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Baron De Ley 3 Vinas Blanco Reserva (13%abv)


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Barón de Ley 3 Viñas Blanco Reserva is an ideal wine for enthusiasts of excellent white Rioja crianza wines.

It offers a wonderfully intense and bright golden-yellow colour and delights the nose with powerful aromas of nuts (almonds) and aromatic herbs, followed by notes of honey, vanilla and autumn fruits. In the mouth, it is a lively, long-lasting, complex and deep wine with mineral, or even saline, sensations. Floral aromas and toasted cereals appear alongside a fresh and creamy feel thanks to a barely-noticeable perfectly integrated acidity. Sweet and smooth, yet expressive, Baron de Ley 3 Viñas is a flavoursome and enveloping wine with pleasant reminders of its time spent on lees and elegant hints of wood. Creamy and harmonious from the very first sip to the end, it offers slight hints of smoke and spices and an aftertaste of orange peel to delight the drinker.

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