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That Boutique-y Rum Company Engenhos Do Norte 7 Years (48.8% abv)


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Introducing the “Madeira, Portugal,” a unique rum crafted at the Engenhos do Norte distillery and selected by the independent bottler, That Boutique-Y Rum Company. With its origins in Madeira, this 7-year-old rum is derived from sugarcane juice through a Column Still distillation process and boasts an ABV of 48.8%. Limited to only 1395 bottles, this rum has captured the hearts of rum enthusiasts with its inviting aromas of honey, sugarcane, vanilla, red fruits, and caramel. The palate indulges in flavors of chocolate, young wood, honey, dried fruit, and a touch of vanilla. Users have praised this rum for its pleasantly smooth taste, fruity notes, and gently lingering menthol finish. Discover the exceptional character of this Madeira rum for a truly remarkable experience.

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