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Tequila Montagave Anejo Exploracion Vol 1 ( 40% abv)


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750 mL

Montagave Exploración Vol. I was matured to achieve the fullest possible flavor. Throughout its 13-month aging process in the barrel, we sampled it on multiple occasions with Chava Rosales and the Cascahuín team. Each tasting reaffirmed its exceptional quality and evolving structure, though it continued to benefit from additional interaction with the Bordeaux casks. We’re excited to share that after 13 months, this Vol. I release is truly outstanding.

It gleams golden in the glass and has a nose of oven-roasted agave and dried apricots, underlined by a touch of dark chocolate and dried cherries. On the palate, the symphony of caramelized agave, toasted almonds, and a sprinkle of black pepper resonates. A trace of dark cocoa and orange zest lingers, providing a finish that is round, warm, and invigorating. Complex yet approachable, the Exploración Añejo beckons both the tequila aficionado and the curious newcomer, uniting them in a shared journey of discovery. This release is perfect to be savored with friends and loved ones to elevate any chosen occasion.

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