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Old Particular Grain Strathclyde 27 Years (51.5% abv)


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Another single Grain from Strathclyde today, following the lovely 25 year old Sovereign reviewed here only a few days ago.. This one is a part of a 4 release of single grain by D.Laing consisting of  Cameronbridge 25 Years Old, Girvan 25 Years Old,North British 21 Years Old and this one. we’re above the 25 year old mark, so I am expecting lots of old grain goodness here, which I adore.

Tasting Notes:

Nose: Sweet pastries, vanilla, cinnamon buns (cinnabon), sweet syrup and some honey glazing on fresh buns out of the oven. Quit fresh creamy and sweet, with the sweet pastry dough shining through. Lovely, and elegant.

Palate: There’s some alcohol bite on the start, then you’re getting the lovely sweet, grainy goodness. some cereals in golden syrup and vanilla again, custard, red grapefruit and a hint of wood, and nail varnish, the age is brilliantly manifested here, as in older wood and the wood spices. I love this.

Finish : Vanilla pods, freshly baked pie crust, cinnamon and baked apple.

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